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Born in Flora, IL on October 09, 1983.  I thought I was going to have him in the car.  I got there and they didn't have time to do anything.  I got there at about 12:30am, had Jake and was home by 10am the next morning.  My friends called to see if I was going to have a baby because I was due anytime and I told them "no, I just went and had it last night".  They thought I was joking so they came over to my house.  They couldn't believe it.  
Jake was joined at home by his big sister Denice and big brother Chad who were 5 and 6 years old.  It was like having a new toy, they loved it.  Denice was like a little mother, always willing to help with everything.  He was so sweet and so precious we were all just so excited to have him.
Why we named him Jake.
When I found out I was going to have Jake a man worked for my dad named Jake Aldridge.  We all just loved him, he was such a good man.  He was a tall lanky fellow with a sweet smile and a warm heart.  He genuinely cared about our family.  He got sick in the oil fields one day and my dad took him to the hospital.  We found out that he had cancer.  Through it all he kept working.  He would take treatments and work, then go to the hotel room and night and throw up all night from the chemo and get up the next day and do it again.  His determination and courage was something to be admired.  We prayed everyday that he would live long enough to see Jake be born, but it didn't happen. 
I proudly enjoyed telling our Jake about his namesake when he was older.  We have Jake's cane he used to walk with when he got so weak and I have cherished it for 25 years.  I am sure that hey have found one another in heaven by now and Jake finally got to meet the incredible man that he was named after.  I am sure our Jake is standing by his side be proud to be his namesake.
Coming home from the hospital
When we came home from the hospital with Jake my sister Reitha came to stay with me and help me for a few days.  She had just turned 16.  Our family just loves babies and at that age she really was crazy about them.  She wanted to do everything for him.  Every time he need fed she wanted to feed him.  Every time his diaper needed changed she was eager to assist.  The funny part is that every time she changed him he would pee on her.  Not once, every single time.  One time I told her, I would change him so she would get pee on her.  She sat on the other side of him and I was changing his diaper and he started peeing and instead of it hitting me, it still hit her.  We had big laughs over that and talked about it for years. 
A momma's boy and a home body.
Jake was a momma's boy from the beginning.  He wouldn't even stay all night with anyone.  When we would go to my mom's for Sunday dinner or just to hang out if he got tired he would go lay on the rug in front of the front door and go to sleep.  We would be looking for him and that's where we would find him.  He was going to make sure if I left I couldn't get out of there without taking him I guess. 
Mom and Dad would come over and beg him to come stay all night with them.  He would agree and we would get his clothes and stuff ready and lay them by the door.  After the visit when they were ready to leave he would always back out at the last minute.  He told them, "I can't go, I have to stay here cuz my mom needs me to stay all night with her".  It was so precious.
We would be somewhere visiting for what he thought was too long and he would start coming and whispering in my ear.....mommy, it's time to go home now, we need to go home now, over and over until I would finally give in and we would go home. 
4th grade-Mr. Brown
In fourth grade his teacher was Mr. Brown.  Jake was so excited when he found out he was going to be in his class.  Everyone loved Mr. Brown.
He helped Jake, encourage him and in his great way of dealing with kids had a great impact on Jake even at the age of nine.  He talked about him all the time and looked forward to going to school.  That made me happy!
Jake had to write a paper one time about what he was going to be when he grew up.  Jake was going to be a Dallas Cowboy.  He loved football and even in flag football he proved to be very good at it. 
He told his story and ended it with someday at the edge of town it is going to say West Frankfort, Home of Dallas Cowboy, Jake Schloss. 
Mr. Brown was amused by his determination and confidence but told him, "Jake that's great, but make sure you get and education in case you break both your legs".  Jake came home after school that day and told me what Mr. Brown had told him with such a seriousness about it that it touched my heart. 
5th grade- Mrs. Dimmick
Donella Dimmick was Jake's 5th grade teacher and I appreciate her so much for the values and faith that she demonstrates.  Jake thought she hung the moon.  She let him know that she prayed for him.  That meant a lot to him.  She would listen to his troubles and worries and encourage him.  She did a lot for his self esteem and made him feel like no matter what he tried to do he could accomplish it. 
She had a way of making Jake feel like he was her special student, I am sure she made everyone in the class feel that way.  I admire her and the way she handles each child like they are a gift.  Because they are.
6th grade-Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Wilson brought us Elvis.  They had a variety show and she chose Jake (I guess because he had blue eyes and black hair) to be Elvis.  She took him all over gathering up stuff to make the costume and Jake had a ball.  They put his picture in the local newspaper and he got a big kick out of that.  He worked on his performance and had it down to a tee.  The hip action and the twitching lip was hysterical. 
Mrs. Wilson was so pretty and Jake had a crush on her.  He talked about her all the time at home.  We would tease him and he would get embarrassed and mad about it.  Even after he was out of her class if we saw her out somewhere he was anxious to go say hi and talk to her. 
She put something in Jake that year that stayed there for the rest of his life and he never forgot that.
When you lose someone you love so much you can look back and see signs that you didn't notice at the time.  I see so many things now that I guess were the Lord's way of trying to prepare us for the loss of Jake, even though nothing can.
The weeks before he passed away he and I spent so much time together.  We were bachelor's together and we were enjoying it.  We would cook supper together and usually ate in front of the TV and talk.  One night he said, "Mom, let's eat at the table tonight". So we sat down at the table and he said "I want to say the prayer".  He said the sweetest prayer that evening, he prayed to angels to protect our family and keep everyone safe and healthy.  He prayed that God would forgive us all for any sins and to understand that we love him but we are just humans.  He thanked the Lord for this time with just him and mom (me), and for the family that we have and the closeness that we have.  When he was finished I had tears in my eyes and told him how beautiful his prayers was and how proud I was of him.  He just smiled and said, "I love you mom, 
Eat up!"
His brother Chad had wanted this poster that he had forever and Jake wouldn't part with it.  That last week of his life he put it in a frame and took it to him at the shop and told him he could have it to hang there.  Chad was so touched.
He went and spent the day with his brother Tyler and wife Kelly and helped them clean house and even rearranged their living room. 
The weekend before he passed away he and I took a trip to IL and spent the weekend.  We had so much fun during the drive, talking and listening to his music.  We went to his Uncle Al and Aunt Janet's and visited but in the evening he called Mandy (his cousin) and they went out to visit friends.  He saw so many people that he hadn't saw since high school and told me about them all the way home.  I was so glad that he got to do that even if he didn't make it to church with us the next morning.  
He told his sister Denice about a 100 times that he was going to take Drake (his nephew) to see the new Ninja Turtle movie when it came out.  He was so excited to be able to do that and he never got to.
He loved everyone so much and was trying to show us in every way he could think of in those last few weeks and those memories are so important to our survival now.
We lost Jake on at 1:43pm March 21, 2007 at the age of 23 after a 24 hour battle to keep him alive.  He is at peace now, his heart doesn't ache and he doesn't have to fight his inner struggles anymore.  He is in heaven having a great time with all of those he loved who were there to meet him.  I am sure Aunt Becky is looking after him, he finally got to meet his grandpa Bill. 
I'll bet him and Chris Weeks are playing video games and eating someone out of house and home, laughing and having a big time. He never got over the hurt of losing Chris, I have so many notebooks that Jake drew a cross and wrote in memory of Chris and the day he lost his life.  
I am sure him and Jeff McElyea have been catching up on all the time they missed.  Probably keep Jesus busy trying to keep them out of mischief.  He is probably looking out for Jeff because he worried about him all the time after their lives took different paths.  
There are so many up there who were probably so happy to see him again, and I am sure they are all watching over us, wishing we could understand and be a peace.
March 21, 2007
There are so many things about the day Jake died and the time he died that I have to share.
Jake's "number" was 21, he always picked that number in sports, his CD's that he burned have Schloss 21 written in a black marker on them.  When he was planning to marry he wanted to get married (which didn't happen) on the 21st so that had to pick a month that it fell on the weekend. He passed away on the 21st.
He died at 1:43.  When you want to text someone on the cell phone you text 1:43 and it means "I love you".  All of these things may not mean anything, but to this family them mean a lot.
Saturday, October 6th--update in progress
The 1st Annual Jammin' for Jake took place at the Paducah Riverfront from noon until 10pm.  We had a great turn out and raised money for The Paducah Dare Program.  Thank you to Dare Officer Eric Augustus for staying all day to support this special event. 
Brad Miller, a friend of Jake & this family MC'd the event and did a great job.  He worked so hard on all the planning, getting sponsors, permits & finding out what needed to be done to make it all come together and happen.  There is no way we could have done it without him.  Much love and appreciation go out to Brad for all of us!
We had six bands who played.  They traveled from Nashville, TN, Southern IL and some local. The donated their time and talent to hope us honor and remember Jake, and we thank them all so much for being a part of our first festival. 
1. Jimmy Rotramel of Skinny Jim and the No. 9 Blacktops & Sean Hopkins of Dallas Alice kicked off the event playing accoustic and entertaining the crowd.  Jimmy has been Chad's best friend since 3rd grade and was a big part of Jake's life the whole time he was growning up.  Chad and Jimmy use to tease Jake when he was little and he would tell stories about it when he grew up and just laugh.  That's what big brothers and their friends do to little brothers.  Chad has been in a couple of bands with Jimmy & Sean back when they were all younger and we lived in IL.
2. Artifax-
3. Union Suit
4. Echo Gray-
5. Generation Down
6.The Futile-  This is the band that Jake was in with his brothers Chad & Tyler and his best friend Jeff Stone (aka The Dude) I told someone that Chris Cherry replaced Jake in the band.  Chris plays the guitar and sings.  He said, "Jake's shoes were to big to fill, he could never replace him, that he just joined the band."  That touched me, what a sweet thing to say to a mother.  The guys played Jake's favorites that were on the last cd's that he had burned.  The last son was Light & Glass, a song that was played at the funeral. It was very emotional for our family & Jake's closest friends.  The song ends with "Pray for us all".  We gathered in front of the stage and sang it with the band over and over for what seemed like forever, as the mother I wanted to stay right there in that moment for as long as possible.  It was so painful & so comforting all at the same time.

October 9, 2007
Today was Jake's 24th birthday and he spent it with Jesus, the angels and all of our love ones who are up there with him. 
Back here on earth we all went to the cemetary with cards (laminated to protect them from the wether).  We got glo-sticks instead of candles and place them on his grave.  I got him a cupcake happy birthday balloon instead of his usual birthday cake.  We were walking out of the place where we got the balloons and there was vending machine with little NFL helmets in it.  So Denice, Mike, Chad and I put quarters in it until we got a Dallas Cowboys helmet so we could put it out there, he looooved the Dallas Cowboys.  We left with 37 of those little helmet before we finally got the one we wanted.  Kynzee and Kayleb like playing with all of them though.  
We sat around the gravesite and Chad & Tyler played the guitar and sang some songs.  Everyone was crying of course, it's not a very good place to have a birthday for someone so loved, but we didn't know what else to do. We did tell some funny Jake stories though, that made everyone smile.  We do have some wonderful memories of him to carry with us, I am sure someday they will help sooth our souls, right now the loss and the pain is so deep it's hard to think about anything except the fact that he's gone and we miss him so bad.
Bippo, Abe, Shawn & Big were there, Chad, Kayla & Kynzee, Kelly, Tyler & Kayleb, Denice, Mike and of course me.  
Jeff & Melissa to wooden letters that they sprayed black and put red glitter on, S D M F earlier in the day.  
There is a beautiful 4ft spray of black and red roses that his grandma Evie worked so hard on for his birthday & Jammin' for Jake Memorial Festival.
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